This page is a one stop shop full of resources, tips and tools for you, the butcher. With digital marketing and social media being the way forward to communicate with your new and existing customer base, this page is designed to give you the competitive edge. All information found on this page is designed for you to download as a butchers resource for you to use in your shop or as a tool to assist your in marketing Beef, Lamb and Goat to your customer base. If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, please feel free to email as we would like to hear from you.

Australian Butcher

Australian Butcher - The Guilds guide to Beef, Veal, Goat & Lamb, journal written for butchers about butchery - not just another pretty piece of marketing gear for your shelf or meat counter - the stories within these pages are meant only for YOU.

Value Adding Beef and Lamb

Value-adding and merchandising are often two of the most challenging aspects of retailing meat. We have taken the guess work out this and created a successful range of beef and lamb value-adding manuals that have been created with your business in mind. Our aim is to help you improve your overall profitability, while providing more choice for your customers. The manuals promote a range of beef and lamb cuts and we’ve taken a seasonal approach with the recipe ideas, so you’ll find it easy to choose and create value-added dishes throughout the year. Each idea features straight-forward instructions, making them simple to prepare and easy to adapt to suit your customer’s needs. As well, each has notes regarding opportunities for additional promotion with sauces or easy accompaniments.


The Masterpieces Foodservice program focusses on whole carcase utilisation uncovering beef and lamb cuts that have fallen of menus. Cuts and recipes displayed in these brochures are simple and easy to cook and offer great flavours for your customers to experience at home.With majority of these cuts already in your fridges, each edition of Masterpieces will give you more ideas for different meal options and cuts you can present to your customers.