The Masterpieces Foodservice program focusses on whole carcase utilisation uncovering beef and lamb cuts that have fallen of menus. Cuts and recipes displayed in these brochures are simple and easy to cook and offer great flavours for your customers to experience at home.With majority of these cuts already in your fridges, each edition of Masterpieces will give you more ideas for different meal options and cuts you can present to your customers.

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Lamb Masterpieces #1

1. Neck 2. Shoulder 3. Flap 4. Rump

Lamb Masterpieces #2

1. Leg 2. Knuckle 3. Hindshank

Beef Masterpieces #1

1. Flank 2. Brisket 3. Blade

Beef Masterpieces #2

1. Chuck 2. Skirt

Beef Masterpieces #3

1. Shin 2. Short rib 3. Topside 4. Knuckle