Origins in Asia mean that Bos Indicus cattle are a natural fit for humid, tropical regions like northern Australia. Their slick coats and naturally occurring chemicals in their sweat repel cattle ticks and other parasites.

Australian Brahman cattle (a Bos Indicus breed), produce a chemical in their tails, so that when they swat flies, they are also applying their own insect repellent. Bos Indicus are also natural foragers, which makes them adaptable to harsh drought conditions. 

Australian Bos Indicus breeds include:

  • Australian Brahman
  • Droughtmaster
  • Santa Gertrudis
  • Brangus (a cross of Angus and Brahman) and the
  • Braford (a cross of Hereford and Brahman) 

Cattle with Bos Indicus bloodlines can be distinguished by a hump on their back, which sits across their shoulders. This is a fat store kept for tough times, much like a camel. They also have large ears and dewlap (the saggy skin in front of their briskets) these all help to keep the cattle cool.