Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs)

Hormone growth promotants (HGPs) are supplements of naturally occurring hormones used by some producers to improve growth rate and feed efficiency.  They are natural hormones that stimulate cell renewal and growth.  HGPs have been used safely in Australia since 1979. 

HGPs are a safe, tried and tested productivity tool that are approved by the World Health Organisation, in addition to other governing health and veterinary bodies around the world.

Things you should know:

-  HGPs carry no risk to human health or safety when used according to guidelines.

-  Beef ban be produced more quickly and efficiently  using HGP’s as less feed is needed to produce higher yield. 

-  Hormone levels found in beef treated with HGPs are significantly lower than the natural hormone levels found in other common foods including eggs, cabbage and soybean oil.

-  Australia produces around 23 million tonnes of beef annually. It is estimated that without HGPs, producers would need to produce an additional 2 million head of cattle to meet demand, requiring significantly more natural resources to do so.

-  Beef can be produced more quickly and efficiently using HGPs as less feed is needed to produce a higher yield. 

-  Growth promotants do have an effect on the eating quality of some cuts. The effect differs between muscles and is reduced with cut ageing. Marbling can be decreased with the use of HGP’s and ossification may be increased.