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The Days of our Lives - Goat

There is no specific breed of goat that is used in Australia, though since the introduction of Boer goats in the 1990’s, cross breeding has resulted in overall meatier goats that are well suited to meat production.


Australian farmed goats are almost always bred naturally.  The gestation period for a goat is around 5 months.  Goats usually have between one and four kids. A maiden (virgin doe) will usually have one kid during her first pregnancy and then multiple births after that.

Weaning is when a kid comes off its mother’s milk on to grass. Kids are weaned around 12 weeks of age.  Kids are then introduced into the main herd and other times, they are grouped into paddocks depending on age and sometimes families, it all depends on the farm.   Some goats are then raised on pasture (Farmed Goat) while others are raised on bushland (Rangeland Goat).

The age that goats are ready for slaughter depends on the market. Most goats are slaughtered between 3 months and 3 years. Deciding whether a goat is ready to be slaughtered depends on a customer’s preference for age and weight.