Farmed goat

Getting the goat

While goats have been a part of Australia’s farming culture since The First Fleet in 1788, most Australian goat meat was a by-product of animals grown to produce fibre (Mohair and Cashmere), or dairy products.

It wasn’t until 1994 that the South African Boer breed was introduced and their robust and resilient nature allowed herds to be farmed specifically for meat. Cultivated in South Africa since the early 1900’s, Boer goats were selected for the quality of their meat, rather than milk or hair. Due to focused cultivation, Boer goats have a fast growth rate and a solid muscle bulk, which makes it one of the most popular breeds farmed for goat meat in the world. 

These resilient Boer goats were bred with Australian domestic herds, producing an animal suited to living in arid Australian conditions, while also producing a meatier result. Thanks to this blending of breeds, Australian goat meat has become less of a seasonal commodity and is now available at most times of the year.