The 2019 Spring lamb campaign

Aiming to drive mid-week lamb consumption by highlighting that cooking a lamb meal is ‘Too Easy.’ The six-week campaign (27th Sept - 10th Nov) builds on the successful ‘Too Easy’ campaign platform, inspiring consumers to diversify their usual mid-week meal repertoire with quick and easy lamb meal solutions. 

Spring Lamb "Too Easy"...

The demand for ease and convenience is a key purchasing driver with consumers having less time to cook coupled with a limited repertoire and knowledge for cooking lamb. Many consumers want a variety of options that are fast and simple and some are switching to other proteins that are perceived to be easier to cook. The campaign aims to combat these perceptions by highlighting the many simple ways to cook and enjoy lamb for mid-week meals, whilst maintaining a consistent message as the meat that brings people together. The integrated campaign will appear across outdoor locations, like bus shelters, along with video, digital, social, in-store, radio and point of sale material.

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Key Campaigns;

Summer Lamb – January, 

Autumn Beef – March,

Autumn Lamb – May,

Winter Beef – June, 

Spring Lamb – September,

Summer Beef – November.

What's coming up next?

The next exclusive in-store promotion launching on February 17th 2020, will be The Greatest Butcher on Your Block promotion. If you haven't already ordered your point of sale for this promotion please email to ensure you do not miss out. All point of sale kits will be distributed the week commencing 10th February.