We all know the art of Butchery is not learnt overnight, practice makes perfect to get those skills down to a tee. The masterclass videos are the perfect tool to help you brush up on your knife skills, acting as a refresher for maintaining best practices when breaking down the carcase to define those primal cuts. We have covered Beef, Lamb & Goat in the masterclass videos, so be sure to explore them all.

BEEF Carcase breakdown

Beef Brisket, Beef Chuck, Beef Blade, Beef Ribs, Beef Thin Flank, Beef Rump & Loin, Beef Round, Beef Top Side, Beef Silverside & Osso Buco.

It’s a skill that is learnt and honed over a long period of time. The craft of being able to use a knife correctly, to get the most out of a product that comes across the table.
Stephen Pocock Owner, Church Street Butcher