Meat Standards Australia

The world's leading eating quality program

Delivering consumer confidence in eating quality

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) takes the guesswork out of buying and cooking Australian beef and sheep meat. MSA graded product has met strict criteria to ensure it meets consumer expectations for tenderness, juiciness and flavour. Cuts are given an eating quality score (3, 4 or 5 stars) and matched with a recommended cooking method to guarantee customer satisfaction, every time. MSA is the world’s leading eating quality program and was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef and sheep meat. The system is based on almost 800,000 consumer taste tests by more than 100,000 consumers from 11 countries and takes into account all factors that affect eating quality, from paddock to plate.

Did you know?

3.8 million cattle were MSA graded in Australia in 2019-2020, representing 46% of the national adult cattle slaughter.

Using MSA in your business

The program is used by almost 200 Australian beef and sheep meat brand owners to underpin the eating quality claims of their product; supplying more than 3,600 end user outlets, which are licensed to sell and promote MSA products. Customer satisfaction fosters loyalty, and peace of mind in the knowledge that every MSA graded cut you sell is backed by more than 20 years of consumer sensory research.

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Use MSA in your Business
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4.3 million sheep were MSA graded in Australia in 2019-2020, representing 22% of the national lamb slaughter.

Setting the Standard

MSA trained graders measure and collate information on each carcase including ultimate pH, marbling, fat coverage, carcase weight, and maturity. This information is used to determine the eating quality outcome for each cut.

Supporting your MSA success

Existing MSA licensees and staff members can access refresher training on topics such as reading carton labels, identifying MSA primals and buying MSA carcases. To find out more visit our refresher training page.

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Case Study: How MSA helps deliver uniquely WA beef to market

For award-winning WA butcher Greg Ryan, the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program is critical to guaranteeing the beef for his retail, wholesale and foodservice customers is a consistently quality product, regardless of cut. Read full case study here.