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Welcome to the new Australian Butchers Guild Podcast

Join MLA butcher Doug Piper as he chats with a variety of butchers and industry representatives around issues and events that are happening in the Australian Independent Retail Butcher channel


Jul 05, 2022

Spotlight on the Mobile Butcher Larry Brewer

If you've ever thought about combining truck driving and butchery have a listen to this episode, as Doug catches up with Perth butcher Larry Brewer to discuss how his passion for trucks eventually became a reality. Larry talks about the highs and lows of selling his beloved Star of The North butcher shop in Currambine, WA and then heading into the outback tackling some of Australia's most isolated and remote regions, selling fresh meat out of a 22-wheel mobile butcher shop to his outback customers.

May 04, 2022

Join me as I chat with smallgoods expert Andrew Morabito teacher at Sydney's Granville TAFE campus.

In this month's episode, we catch up with butcher Andrew Morabito, one of the brilliant teachers at Granville TAFE in Sydney. His love for American low and slow cooking had him start up a winning low and slow BBQ team with his fellow work mates and he gives us some tips about preparing and selling these highly sort after cuts of beef and lamb. Andrew is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to smallgoods, heading up classes for butchers who want to learn more about how to develop their own range, that have a point of difference to the mass produced products that the major retailers stock.  

Apr 01, 2022

Spotlight on an up and coming young butcher Luke Leyson - Goodwood Meats

Meat Luke Leyson from Goodwood Meats South Australia. Goodwood Meats is a breeding ground for innovative and gifted butchers and is one of South Australia`s 'must visit' shops if you’re touring that region, Luke is one of those butchers who has a very positive attitude and outlook when it comes to butchery and the meat trade. Tune into the Australian Butchers Guild podcast and listen to Luke as he talks about his career in the meat industry and the opportunities, he has taken to display his talents and skills by competing at Butcher War`s at Meatstock and successfully applying for a position in the Australian Butchery Team who will be heading to compete in the World Butchery Challenge in Sacramento later this year.

Feb 28, 2022

Scott Fittler - The Meating Place, Armidale

Come and 'meat' Scott Fittler, a butcher/farmer who has tried many ways to keep his customers happy and led the way with his value-added products in a hard country town. I’ve known Scott for nearly 20 years and back then Scott was one of several shops in Armidale but probably the only one who had a good range of value-added products in his window, he was certainly leading the way for the region and had a big battle on his hands with the growing number of supermarkets that were moving into town. Scott had an ace up his sleeve, he was growing his own cattle and putting some of them through his business which was an attraction for many of his shoppers.

Aug 19, 2021

1. Victor Churchills Head Butcher Darren O‘Rourke, talks all things meat and trends

In our very first episode, we put the spotlight on legend butcher Darren O'Rourke from world renown butcher`s Victor Churchill and Vic`s Meats  and explore his life in the meat industry. The Australian Meat Industry Council's Stuart Fuller gives us the latest on The Sausage King program and we get the latest market insights from MLA's Stephen Bignell. 

Aug 31, 2021

2. Melbourne’s Peter Bouchier, shares his years of experience and valuable knowledge.

Meet the “Butchers Of Distinction” owner Peter Bouchier. Peter and his family operate two of Melbourne`s high end butcher shops in the leafy suburbs of Toorak and Malvern. Hear how Peter built his business and his thoughts on where the butchery industry is heading. We also chat with Chris Kelly SA/WA AMIC State Manager getting the states updates and MLA Market Information Analyst Rip Atkinson joins us with some sheep and lamb meat news. If you would like any further information on this episode please contact us at

Sep 14, 2021

3. Want to know more about employing an apprentice Ben Barrow discusses the options.

Are you struggling with employing butchers? Have you considered training an apprentice or two? Listen to Ben Barrow, head teacher for Meat & Allied Trades at South Western Sydney TAFE, explain the current government incentives available to employers and what TAFE retail butcher training has to offer in the state of the art facility in Granville. Plus a Queensland AMIC wrap up with Roger DeSailly and Ripley is back again with more market information.

Sep 29, 2021

4. Spotlight on Rod Faulkner & Market Update with Stuart Bull

This episode I chat with Victorian butcher and Australian Meat Industry Council state manager Rod Faulkner about the changes we have seen in the trade and where it is heading. and we also chat about the 2021 state Sausage King competition and how AMIC plans to run the remainder of their regional and metro events in Victoria.  Also a catch up with market analyst Stuart Bull on beef and lamb supply.

Oct 13, 2021

5. WBC butcher Daniel McCarthy from A Cut Above Family Butchers Victoria

Daniel McCarthy is the owner of A Cut Above Family Butchers  located near Geelong Victoria. Dan is one of the latest members of the  Australian Steelers butchery challenge team and is chomping at the bit to get a crack at winning back the winner’s trophy next year in Sacramento. Dan also explains about the challenges he has faced over the past few years and how he has managed to grow his business using social media and setting up his website ordering systems during this time.

Oct 27, 2021

6. Spotlight on Barry and Craig Munro from Munro`s Quality Meats, AMIC update from Craig Wright & MLA update from Steve Bignell

Father and son duo Barry and Craig Munro run Munro`s Quality Meats in Wilberforce NSW. Barry has just handed over the keys for the shop to his son Craig after owning the shop for 30 years. Barry talks about his career in the industry and how they have built their business.   Craig is well known on the MeatStock circuit and shares his experiences. Munro`s have some fantastic people working in their business not just butchers but also competition bbq ers  and a talented chef who will be creating some new lines for 2022.

Nov 10, 2021

7. Meat QLD`s Best Regional butcher shop owners, Rod and Julie Leaver, Edgehill Butchery Cairns

Ever thought about working in the tropics? Not many butchers shops have their own back up power supply or have the flexibility to drop another coolroom over the fence for the festive season so they can store more meat for throughout that period and in case of cyclones and tropical stores cut off supplies. Julie & Rod Leaver have lived and worked in tropical Queensland all their lives. They are the proud owners of a unique award winning butcher shop called Edgehill Butchery in Cairns, the shop has a history that dates back to the early 1900`s. Imagine how hard it would have been to operate a butcher shop back in that period with the humidity, primitive utilities and infrastructure along with the constant threat of cyclones. Julie and Rod talk about how they have transformed the dated butcher shop into a modern shop where their lucky customers have access to some of Australia`s finest beef and lamb brands and how they encouraged their customers to support their value added range of products, plus what they have done to ensure they can operate under the tropical weather conditions that occur.

Nov 24, 2021

8. Spotlight on Adam Stratton, Captain of the Australian World Butchery team

In this episode I catch up with the captain of the Australian World Butchery team, 'The  Australian Steelers', Adam Stratton. Adam is an innovative and well known butcher who is going to share a few of his secrets about his business and how he keeps coming up with new and exciting value-added products that keep his customers coming back. Adam also has partnerships in other shops located around Sydney and will talk about how he deals with some of those difficult business decisions when it comes to landlords and leases.  Adam`s shop is on a one-way street with No parking and located about 100 meters away from the outside of a Westfield shopping complex. Most people would think twice before going into a shop outside a major shopping centre, but Adam had a vision and a plan and has continued to grow his business year on year, smart marketing and never saying no is a part of his business success.

Dec 08, 2021

9. Meet the next generation of butchers Sarah Wadland her families 4th Generation of the trade

If only you all had a young butcher like Sarah Wadland in your shops, Sarah is just one of the many future faces of the butchery trade. The Wadland family have been in the meat industry for over a century, running about 30 retail butcher shops, wholesale division and today run a large wholesale outlet in North Strathfield. Sarah is a fourth-generation butcher who has the enthusiasm, personality and drive to continue to grow her own career in the industry and as a young butcher has earned huge respect from many of the industry people she has come in contact with.

Jan 05, 2022

10. Trevor Hill from Bruce’s Meat talks value adding and business.

If you're ever in South Australia, drop by and say G`day to Trevor Hill owner of Bruce`s Meats. Trevor joins me today to talk about the challenges he and many butchers face running a business today and we discuss the 'value' of Value Adding in your business.  We also give you an update on this year’s iconic Summer Lamb campaign and the next Greatest Butcher On Your Block campaign.

Jan 19, 2022

11. Aussie Sausage King Marc Edwards gives us some tips and ideas.

After suffering a water-skiing injury and losing the mobility in his left arm early in his butchery career, Marc Edwards has never let that get in his way. His injury forced him to look at specialising in something different back in the 80`s and making intricate value-added products was not possible, so he went about making a name for himself as a 'Sausage King'. Marc`s customers travel from miles away to buy from his huge variety of sausages that are available each week. Marc gives us some tips on how he makes every sausage from scratch and how he produces so many flavour combinations. Marc has also won many awards in the AMIC Sausage King competition and Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) Food Awards in Sydney.

Feb 02, 2022

12. Grant Hilliard shares his knowledge around sustainability in the butcher shop.

Are some of your customers asking some curly questions about farming practices or the meat industry, or want to know more about the provenance of the products you sell? Or are you looking for a different edge to what your competition has. Well stay tuned as Feather and Bone Providore owner Grant Hilliard explains how he built his niche business and became renowned for supplying ethically and sustainably grown pasture fed meat.

Jul 29, 2022

17. Spotlight on EQS facilitator Kelly Payne

Want to learn more about the Australian meat grading system? Join me as I catch up with MSA training facilitator Kelly Payne. Kelly travels around Australia educating industry and end users about the best Eating Quality System in the world and the advantages of using MSA graded beef and lamb in their businesses and the recent changes to the grading system.