Jul 01
by Doug Piper


If you are having trouble finding content to post on your social pages and or website there are many available online. Some images are free and some can only be used if you purchase subscriptions from sites like Getty Images, iStock, Dreamtime etc.

Be careful if you are downloading someone else’s work and if you are, make sure you get their permission in writing so you are covered. If you are paying to have images taken using a photographer be sure the agreement states that you will own them outright, so you can continue to use them anywhere you like.  

If you are taking your own photos or video`s look at what can be seen in the background. Use clean trays, dishes or wooden cutting boards and utensils to present and style the meat, be aware of what is in the background of your photo, do not take photos on a dirty stained bench top with coffee mugs in the background, be professional. Make sure the product looks fresh (a light spray of oil can make the meat pop) meat is trimmed and use fresh garnish as required, avoid shadows over the image and any signage is clean and easy to read.

If you are taking photos that include someone from your team or their hands are in the shot, make sure their shirt and aprons are clean and maybe have them wear rubber gloves to present meat when doing a close up. Take photos of staff from the waist up, butchers boots are not the most attractive piece of PPE especially with lumps of fat stuck to them.

Raw or cooked shots?

What are you trying to sell your customers? Are you trying to promote a meal idea like a roast, casserole or stir-fry? Look at cooked images rather than raw, cooked images offer inspiration, memories and comfort where as a raw product does not. Raw images are more suitable for an order form on your website. Keep the raw images on a consistent background. You can use wooden cutting boards, plastic boards, plates, dishes bowls or even use new laminated or vinyl floorboard as a background, some of these have a cool grain and colour.

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