Jul 09
by Doug Piper

Stocks & Broths

Winter has well and truly set in, customers always look for those winter warmer meals and comfort foods and soups are a favourite in many households (especially mine)

Stocks and Broths are very popular, in particular broths. If you have the time and product maybe look at making your own version, it is popular; I was in my local supermarket the other week and I noticed a shopper clearing the shelves of an “all natural” broth that was on special for $8.00 per 500ml, she bought the whole shelf full!

It is easy to make, takes very little effort, and is very profitable and overall a healthy homemade option for your customers.

If your finding you have a bit of excess trim; not so much as lean mince or sausage trim, which you are possibly scratching around to find that, (if it is going anything like last year, depending on the states you are all in) but any bones (marrow being the best) chuck bones and even rib bones, anything will do even sinew and cartilage (these add a gelatinous texture once they melt down). Fire up the copper or large casserole pots and make yourself some homemade stock or broth.

There is not a great deal of difference between stock and broth, the only difference is broth is made from meat and vegetables and stock is made from bones and vegetables. The bones will make a thicker stock whereas the meat and vegetables make a thinner broth that has more flavour.

The secret for both is to brown off the meat and or bones, the more caramelisation you can get the stronger beefy the flavour. Roughly chop the vege’s (carrots, onions, celery) add your water and simmer away for a several hours, the longer it simmers the deeper the flavour. Remove the bones and strain the liquid through a cheesecloth and chill before either putting it into containers to sell it in liquid form or freeze it.

Make sure you tell your customers that it is made fresh in your premises. If you are in doubt about any food safety regulations make sure you contact your local regulatory body before you start.

Bon Appetit!!

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