How to cook the perfect lamb roast

A quick 6 step guide on how to cook the perfect lamb roast everytime.


1. Always take your roast out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking to allow the meat to come to room temperature.

2. Prepare the lamb by trimming any excess fat. Pre-heat your oven to the recommended temperature.

3. Next pop your lamb in a roasting dish a similar size to your cut along with roasting vegetables of your choice such as carrots, parsnips and potatoes.

4. Season with salt and pepper than baste your lamb and vegetables with oil, garlic and herb mixture of your choice. Continue to baste the roast throughout cooking.

5. For a perfectly cooked roast everytime use the below chart to find the ideal cooking time based on the size of your lamb roast.

You can check to see if your lamb has cooked through by using a thermometer.

Roast Lamb Cooking Times Per 500g;

Lamb Cut

Oven Temp



Well Done

Eye of loin/ backstrap, lamb round, topside roast, mini roast, lamb rump 220°c 15-20 Mins 20-25 Mins 25-30 Mins
Rack of lamb, four-rib roast, crown roast 200°c 20-25 Mins 30-35 Mins 40-45 Mins
Loin (boned and rolled), leg or shoulder (bone in), easy-carve leg or shoulder  180°c 20-25 Mins 25-30 Mins 30-35 Mins

6. Once cooked cover the lamb loosely with foil and rest for 10-15 minutes before carving. This gives the juices a chance to redistribute through the meat making it moist and tender. When carving, carve parallel to the length of the lamb.

& Enjoy!