Introducing the ABG Team

The Domestic Market team is responsible for all Marketing, Promotion and Business Development of Australian Beef, Lamb, Veal and Goat in the Domestic Market. 

Key investment areas include the development of advertising campaigns for TV, Outdoor, Social Media, Radio and PR activities to increase awareness of the Australian Beef (The Greatest) and Australian Lamb (Share the Lamb). 100% Australian brands in our retail markets.

Business Development and category management plays a fundamental role and is responsible for new product innovation, in-store activations and education to continue to grow demand for our proteins.

Doug Piper - Business Manager, Retail & Corporate Butcher

Doug has over 40 years experience in the meat industry and has been with MLA for 13 years and is MLA`s corporate butcher and retail manager. Doug and Elisha work closely as MLA`s Retail Team and oversee many of the Australian Butchers Guild (ABG) and retail related programs and beef and lamb campaigns.

Elisha Moran - Shopper Activation Manager

Having worked in the Industry for over 10 years, Elisha has gained a wealth of knowledge in Shopper Marketing and Category Management aimed at providing our retail partners with the tools, programs and activation needed to increase sales of beef, lamb, veal and goat.

Kelly Payne - MSA End User Training Facilitator

Kelly is responsible for end user licensing and training for the Meat Standards Australia eating quality grading program throughout retail butchery, wholesale and food service. For more information regarding MSA licensing, standards or just catching up with the latest outcomes of the world’s leading beef and lamb eating quality program, please get in touch.