On the Farm

Australia is a land of extreme environments, from the humid tropics, to icy valleys, hot deserts and lush mountainsides, Australia has it all. From year to year, the same region can face climatic extremes from drought to flooding rains. The industry has long known that a cookie-cutter approach to red meat production just won’t work. The right cattle, sheep and goat breeds need to be matched to the right climate and environment in order to thrive.

Australian cattle
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Australian Red Meat

The Australian red meat industry has been more than 200 years in the making. Foundations laid many years ago have helped us evolve into the dynamic and progressive entity we are today. The combined integrity of our farmers and processors, along with the advantages of an unspoiled environment, has underpinned Australia’s reputation for producing some of the highest quality beef, lamb and goat available. Australian red meat is certainly a product of its environment.

Australian Sheep
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Australian Goat
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